Innovación para el tratamiento de la Enfermedad del Ojo Seco. Distribuidor exclusivo de Lumenis DED en España.

What is l’acuité?

l’acuité was born from chance and the love with which we live every day. Many of us started in the world of ophthalmology when standard intraocular lenses still had PMMA haptics.

In those times our eyes were possibly the same that today, but we were different.

How many types of vision we discovered since then! How much innovation and development in searching the philosopher’s stone that allows us to offer the most adequate solution to each patient of us!

Today we take a step further. Our eyes, these eyes that we care together with so much love, are becoming eyes full of fluctuating and burning sensations that, less and less, we can live with.

During this search is that we are realizing that there is a democratic way that help us to listen each patient and understand the vision they desire. Today and increasingly, the patient will decide what and how he/she wants to see. And we feel the obligation to offer the most effective and avant-garde answer that we can have in our hands.

l’acuité means acuity, sharpness, precision, finesse, discipline, knowledge, inspiration and fun. We try to find tools and solutions that benefit each one of your patients, one by one.

Firma CEO l'acuité

Yvonne Hernández González

Founder & CEO

“You see things and say why. I dream things and say why not” George Bernard Shaw