Batwa Project

Africa, Uganda.

Batwa Project
Courtesy of Mrs. Marta Barceló

The Batwa, known pejoratively as the pygmies of the west given their height, are one of the oldest surviving tribes in Africa. They are a group of very vulnerable, marginalized and endangered people.

In 1991 Uganda created the Impenetrable Bwindi Park with the aim of saving the gorillas in danger of extinction and thus promoting tourism. The indigenous people who lived there, the Batwa (also called Twa), were forced to leave the park without compensation or land to live. The Batwa quickly ran out of their rights to harvest honey, medicinal plants and collect wood from the forest, activities of their daily lives.

Yvonne Hernández and her son Eduardo González have been traveling to Uganda since 2009. They collaborate with Ugandan families and needy groups such as the Batwa.

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